We offer a range of projects, but our preferred developments are simple to larger scale renovations, planning gain applications, new builds and commercial to residential conversions.

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Whilst our deal criteria are flexible, we do consider the following areas when appraising a project, which we have found work well from a profit and risk perspective:


Minimum profit margin levels for projects with planning permission already in place, rising if there is no planning in place.

Size (GDV)

The gross development value of the property is typically in the £2 - £5 million range.

Developer Equity

We typically request that the developer contributes at least 5% of the project costs by way of equity to de-risk investors and to show commitment.

Learning and Development

The developer should be willing to work with us to implement a learning and development program for investors.


The project can be anywhere in the UK, as long as the developer has extensive experience in developing that type of project in that area.


The construction timetable should typically be no longer than 1 year (excluding any planning or selling phases).