The importance of Joint Ventures (JVs) in property development and investment

Joint Ventures (JVs) are an incredibly helpful way of gaining knowledge/experience, expanding your network and accelerating the growth of your business. Not to mention you achieve more… and working with people can be fun! Here is why JVs are important and what you should look for.

Security on investments

CEO of QB Investing Lizzie Frazer, is often surprised by the lack of security in place to protect investor funds. If you buy a new car or TV, you would expect to receive some kind of warranty or guarantee, so why wouldn’t you expect similar protection on your property development investments?

What are the dangers of trusting ROI in property development?

What are the dangers of relying on the ROI? Listen below to avoid investing in the wrong property development deal.

Naturally, one of the things investors care about the most, is how much of a return we will make from a deal. Don't be blinded by the promises of large “returns on investment” (ROIs)... do you know what ROI really means and how to analyse it properly?

In this informative video, CEO of QB Investing, Lizzie Frazer, discusses what investors should do to properly understand ROI, it's importance and the effect that financing has on the ROI.


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